To effectively advocate for the interests of members in the production and manufacture of tea and to promote harmonious industrial relations and ensure that our members provide decent work and incomes.


A sustainable tea plantations sub-sector

What We Do

We promote and advocate the common interests of members in the production and manufacture of high-quality tea and business sustainability as well as secure good industrial relations and sound wage policies for workers. We also support our neighboring communities in the provision of social, environmental, educational and health infrastructure as well as link them to the tea markets for sustainable tea farming.


  • To engage on behalf of our members in the formulation of legislation that affects tea growing and manufacture
  • To promote and coordinate compliance with the law in cultivation and manufacture of tea
  • To promote global competitiveness in tea production through compliance with national and international standards and certification requirements
  • Promote sustainability of tea production and manufacture through adoption and application of appropriate technology and human capital development
  • Collective bargaining with our industrial and labour relations partners
  • To collaborate with other connected Associations in the promotion of employers’ interests
  • To coordinate and roll out various developments in our members’ Corporate Social Responsibility activities. KTGA members collective support education through developing infrastructure and providing technical support in the management of the following institutions: Moi Tea Girls Secondary School, Kericho Primary School, Kericho Tea Boys High School, Taito KTGA Secondary School, Nandi Hills Primary School.
  • To benefit the communities in which our members operate through facilitating education, health and promotion of the overall social wellbeing and development.

Our main strategic partners are as follows:

    1. Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE)
    2. East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA)
    3. Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA)
    4. Agricultural Employers Association (AEA)
    5. Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM)

KTGAOur Members

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