Current and upcoming Tenders

Maintenance of the following tea access roads in partnership with Bomet County Government:

We hereby invite quotations for:

 Supply services

1.Supply of quarry materials (gravel)Chebang’ang Shops - Kolongei Road
2.Supply of quarry materials (gravel)Monieri Bridge/junction Lelach Road
3.Supply of quarry materials (gravel)Tinga Moja -Tuiyobei Secondary School Road
4.Supply of quarry materials (gravel) Kolongei - Kaboson (Kiron) Road
5.Supply of quarry materials (gravel)Tembwet - Kapsebetet Road

Rehabilitation services

No. Typeplace
1.Rehabilitation of Kymulot Tea Factory -Chebitet/Changana Junction Road
2. Rehabilitation ofKericho Primary School Road